Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

You know those days that start out in the cornfields of Indiana and end in downtown Chicago? Well Monday was one of them days. Chicago wasn’t part of my original plan, but then again, that’s how this thing goes. After the previous night, I thought I had gotten smart and planned my exact route for the day, down to the very campsite just across Iowa … Continue reading Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”


This morning I made it to Ohio, where I started seeing my first Lincoln Highway markers! Yay! Now the real journey begins. I’ll be following these babies like breadcrumbs all the way to California. Unfortunately, finding these breadcrumbs has proven harder than I thought it would be. In this part of the country, the LH is primarily on Rte 30, but I discovered today that … Continue reading Americana

Greetings from West Virginia!

My first day on the road went well. I drove through beautiful mountains almost the whole way from Charlotte up here to Charleston, WV, which is the state capital and a surprisingly large city – much bigger than Charlotte. It looks more like DC or Pittsburgh. I’d hoped to make it all the way to Canton, OH yesterday, but a long stretch of bumper-to-bumper traffic … Continue reading Greetings from West Virginia!