Visceral Vibrations

A classical guitarist inhales the deep breath of a singer poised to belt out a note. A river of sound flows from his fingertips, rippling through the air, massaging the listener’s eardrums upon entry. Flamenco skirts and cobblestone streets take shape in the mind’s eye. The classical guitarist’s performance is not the dazzling spectacle of a rock star, but rather a rare invitation to peek … Continue reading Visceral Vibrations

The Silence: A Very Loud Poem

I pound on my drums Not to make sounds But to make silence. Silencing all the sounds I hate. The tom’s deep bellow drowns out Every insecure giggle Every unnecessary apology Every backhanded compliment. When I smash the hi-hat I shatter every alarm clock Every siren Every phone ringing. My foot does not kick the bass pedal. It kicks in the teeth of Every catcall, … Continue reading The Silence: A Very Loud Poem