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Southern Girl in a Strange Land (Part 3: Lost Angeles

This is the third installment of a recurring column in Tangents Magazine about a young Charlotte writer’s move to California. Continue reading Southern Girl in a Strange Land (Part 3: Lost Angeles


The 48 Hour Film Project

Originally published in Tangents Magazine, August 2016 Could you make a movie in just two days? Dozens of independent filmmakers around Charlotte will find out this August when the 48 Hour Film Project comes to town. The Project (also known as the 48HFP) is an annual filmmaking competition held in 130 cities across the globe. Anyone can form a team and sign up – no … Continue reading The 48 Hour Film Project

Pictures of History

Unless you’re brand new to Charlotte, chances are you’ve seen the prolific work of NoDa photographer Justin Driscoll. He displayed a collection of his signature photographs at Heist Brewery last month and sold seven pieces before the opening-night party ended. Whether he’s capturing newly deceased music venues or long-abandoned hospitals, Justin has a knack for preserving the gritty history of a city now furiously sterilizing … Continue reading Pictures of History

Visceral Vibrations

A classical guitarist inhales the deep breath of a singer poised to belt out a note. A river of sound flows from his fingertips, rippling through the air, massaging the listener’s eardrums upon entry. Flamenco skirts and cobblestone streets take shape in the mind’s eye. The classical guitarist’s performance is not the dazzling spectacle of a rock star, but rather a rare invitation to peek … Continue reading Visceral Vibrations

Chewed Up and Spit Out of San Fran

I’d set out on this trip with one of my goals being to establish a healthy love affair with the city of San Francisco, a goal I’d thought entirely attainable. The city of San Francisco, however, had other plans. She and I, as they say, just weren’t meant to be. I came down from Vista Point, where I’d taken those shots of the Golden Gate … Continue reading Chewed Up and Spit Out of San Fran

Chicago Part 2: And All That Jazz

Author’s Note: At the time this post was published, my site was named Glamorous Gypsy. It has since been rebranded as The Scripting Gypsy to reflect a change in artistic direction. At this point, I feel I should pause and address the name of my site, which will also be the name of my pop-up clothing resale store. I want to appear “Glamorous” because I … Continue reading Chicago Part 2: And All That Jazz

Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

You know those days that start out in the cornfields of Indiana and end in downtown Chicago? Well Monday was one of them days. Chicago wasn’t part of my original plan, but then again, that’s how this thing goes. After the previous night, I thought I had gotten smart and planned my exact route for the day, down to the very campsite just across Iowa … Continue reading Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”