Oh, Tahoe! Part 2: California

I looped around the rest of Lake Tahoe to the northwest corner, where I found the adorably quaint, historic mountain town of Truckee, CA. In contrast to South Lake Tahoe’s strip of glittering casinos, Truckee’s Main Street is characterized by its boutique shops and artisanship. Here, even the Taco Bell is housed in rustic stones, bricks, and flowers. I grabbed my backpack and started down what looked more … Continue reading Oh, Tahoe! Part 2: California

Unraveling in Nevada

People always talk about going to Vegas or Reno to gamble, and I don’t know why. Anyone who’s actually been to Nevada knows that it doesn’t greet you with a traditional Welcome sign; it greets you with a blast of neon lights from casinos in every direction as far as you can see. The second you cross into Nevada, everything becomes a casino in addition to whatever … Continue reading Unraveling in Nevada

Chicago Part 2: And All That Jazz

Author’s Note: At the time this post was published, my site was named Glamorous Gypsy. It has since been rebranded as The Scripting Gypsy to reflect a change in artistic direction. At this point, I feel I should pause and address the name of my site, which will also be the name of my pop-up clothing resale store. I want to appear “Glamorous” because I … Continue reading Chicago Part 2: And All That Jazz

Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

You know those days that start out in the cornfields of Indiana and end in downtown Chicago? Well Monday was one of them days. Chicago wasn’t part of my original plan, but then again, that’s how this thing goes. After the previous night, I thought I had gotten smart and planned my exact route for the day, down to the very campsite just across Iowa … Continue reading Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”


This morning I made it to Ohio, where I started seeing my first Lincoln Highway markers! Yay! Now the real journey begins. I’ll be following these babies like breadcrumbs all the way to California. Unfortunately, finding these breadcrumbs has proven harder than I thought it would be. In this part of the country, the LH is primarily on Rte 30, but I discovered today that … Continue reading Americana