The Silence: A Very Loud Poem

I pound on my drums Not to make sounds But to make silence. Silencing all the sounds I hate. The tom’s deep bellow drowns out Every insecure giggle Every unnecessary apology Every backhanded compliment. When I smash the hi-hat I shatter every alarm clock Every siren Every phone ringing. My foot does not kick the bass pedal. It kicks in the teeth of Every catcall, … Continue reading The Silence: A Very Loud Poem

Odds and Ends #2

Back in Indiana, I stopped to get a cheap haircut at Great Clips (because I’m so glamorous) and I asked the hairdresser if there was anything nearby that I should make a point to see while I’m town. She replied, “Hmmm….well, you can go see the World’s Largest Skillet” – to which I outwardly nodded, but inwardly whispered, “See ya later, Indiana.” So far, northern … Continue reading Odds and Ends #2