About Me

I’m just a free-spirited girl from North Carolina.

Sometimes I get wanderlust.


Because we’re all on a spinning rock in infinite space with no idea how we got here. Why wouldn’t I go take a gander around the rock before it explodes?

In August 2015, I embarked on a month-long, solo road trip down the Lincoln Highway to California and back. The LH is America’s first coast-to-coast highway, built in 1913 and reconfigured several times since. Today the LH runs from Times Square in NYC to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The route traverses America’s biggest cities, its smallest towns, its tallest mountains, its flattest deserts, and everything in between. In total, I visited 18 states in 25 days.

When I returned home, I wrote articles for several underground print publications about the local music and art scene. I have a passion for seeking out great musicians and artists of all mediums, and I write about them everywhere I go.

I plan to set out on another road adventure in October 2016, this time as a true gypsy, with no home to return to. I’ll be seeking out a new place to lay down roots.

The photographs and writings you see here are all my own creations. If you’d like to borrow or share them, please feel free, but give proper credit where it’s due.

I hope my work inspires you in some way, and I thank you deeply for visiting me. Namaste.

❤ SG


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