How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet Without Giving Up Meat Yet


Plant-based diets are trendier than ever! Six to eight million Americans are now vegetarian, according to Harvard Women’s Health Watch. And millions more are looking for ways to adopt a more healthy, humane, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. That’s great news because, in addition to the well-documented health benefits of eating plant-based foods, a recent study by Oxford University found that the diets of meat-eaters result in twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as those of vegans!

But many of us don’t feel ready to switch to a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet. That’s understandable. I grew up eating meat and feeling guilty about supporting cruelty to animals, humans, and the earth; but I didn’t think I could ever give up the delicious bacon, burgers, and chicken I was deeply accustomed to enjoying.

Why must suffering smell so delicious?

Read the rest of the article here, and share with someone who wants to get healthy!


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