Crash Coarse Records

Originally published in NoDa News, July 2016


     In NoDa’s ever-evolving music scene, a cool breeze of familiarity arrives with Crash Coarse Records, the newest indie label on the block. Founded by Sanctuary Pub’s own beloved Pete McCoil, Crash Coarse is more than a recording studio – it’s a one-stop shop for local bands in need of photos, videos, venue connections, or just a place to jam. Walking through Pete’s home studio is a step back in time; there you’ll find his collections of decades-old cameras, vintage vinyl records, black-and-white family photos, and even a Sega Genesis. The house has one rule: If you must use your cell phone, kindly step outside. Pete’s love of authenticity is palpable; everything he does has a homemade quality to it.

A New York native, Pete’s roots are in the Long Island hardcore scene, where he started going to shows and hanging around record studios from the age of 14. Back then, he says, most drummers weren’t heavily involved in the recording process. But Pete had a voracious appetite for learning the ropes of the record biz. He went on to perform with bands like Motive, Hatebreed, and Glassjaw, touring and making connections across the country. In 2015, Pete relocated to NC with his longtime girlfriend, Hillary, at his side and the dream of his own recording studio in his heart. He sees pure potential in Charlotte’s indie music scene. “As the established venues shift toward larger touring acts, the underground community can join together and flourish,” Pete says confidently. “It happened in New York, and it’ll happen here.”


     Crash Coarse is off to a fast start, having recorded six bands in its first month, three of which Pete is a member himself. Upcoming gigs include Heiros in New York August 7, Violent Gods at the Milestone July 17, and several dates with The Mollywops in Kentucky. The goal is to provide a launching pad for new bands to record demos and design promotional materials, which they can use as stepping stones to bigger record deals down the road. How does he manage so many projects at once? “Prioritization is key,” says Pete. He also credits his bandmates with being flexible and accommodating of his schedule. “A successful band requires a good marriage among all parties involved. Everyone has to respect each other’s time.”

If you’d like to get involved with Crash Coarse Records, you can visit their Facebook page or email Pete directly at He’s open to working with artists of any genre, as long as they share a passion for the craft and a motivation to work. “I’m 36 years old,” Pete says with a wry smile, “and I’m having the time of my f*cking life.”

Kirk, M. “Crash Coarse Records.” NoDa News [Charlotte, NC] July 2016: 7. Print.

❤ SG


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