Lake James / Catawba River / NC

Took a quick day trip to the North Carolina mountains alone for my birthday. No story for this one; I took the week off from all work. Enjoy the photos!

Stopped here for a bite in Burke County, NC. A guy walked in here and asked what kind of burritos they have. For real. 
Hiked a 3/4 mile loop to Paddy’s Creek, which feeds into the Catawba River. Large sections of the creek were dried up. 



I then hiked a mile to the swimming area of the lake.


The water was warm and I had this little section of the beach all to myself. 


After I’d been in the water about 20 minutes, it started to rain! I didn’t mind the rain, but the second I saw lightning, I hightailed out of the lake. I changed clothes and walked a mile back to the car through the woods in the rain. Luckily, I was prepared with a hat, poncho, and umbrella (like always), so it was still fun.

I then drove about an hour to Asheville and landed at Wedge Brewery.


Metal sculpture outside Wedge Brewery. 


Weary from the hiking, rain, and driving, I headed home and instantly fell asleep.

(Well, look at that, you got a little story out of me. Can’t help myself, I guess.)



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