The Silence: A Very Loud Poem


I pound on my drums

Not to make sounds

But to make silence.

Silencing all the sounds I hate.

The tom’s deep bellow drowns out

Every insecure giggle

Every unnecessary apology

Every backhanded compliment.

When I smash the hi-hat

I shatter every alarm clock

Every siren

Every phone ringing.

My foot does not kick the bass pedal.

It kicks in the teeth of

Every catcall, every whistle

Every rap song blaring out of a car to get my attention.

The crash is not named for the sound it makes-

It is named for the sound it breaks.

Crash every laugh behind my back

Crash every wrong name I am called.

My drumsticks are weapons of destruction

Muffling the deaths of

Every ignorant comment

Every midsentence interruption.

I drum so hard and loud

The sounds are obliterated

Into pieces

Floating in dark silence.

I live for the silence

The silence sustains me

I must destroy the sounds

Or they will surely destroy me.

-LMK 4/1/16


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