Odds and Ends #2

  • Back in Indiana, I stopped to get a cheap haircut at Great Clips (because I’m so glamorous) and I asked the hairdresser if there was anything nearby that I should make a point to see while I’m town. She replied, “Hmmm….well, you can go see the World’s Largest Skillet” – to which I outwardly nodded, but inwardly whispered, “See ya later, Indiana.”
    • So far, northern Colorado and southern Wyoming have the best radio stations in America. Good luck topping them, every place else.
    • In the grasslands of easternmost Colorado, I stopped to have my car looked at and snapped this photo of a flyer on the wall in the shop. Note the activities that rural Colorado kids have to look forward to on their summer vacations:


    Be grateful your mom sent you to basketball camp or whatever.

    • Speaking of bugs, Nebraska had the most bugs I’ve ever seen in my life. It was disgustingly humid, which made me feel right at home. As I drove, my windshield became so littered with bugs that I thought it was raining at one point. This, of course, was the day my windshield wipers decided to stop spraying fluid, so I had to stop at every single gas station I passed just to wash the bugs off my window. The guy at the motor lodge told me the area had gotten about 3x as much rainfall this year as average years, which is probably what accounted for the bugs. When you stood outside, you could literally see them swarming around, there were so many. When ISIS finally comes here and nukes us all, the joke will be on them, because they’ll be left here with the immortal insects.

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