Chicago Part 1: “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

You know those days that start out in the cornfields of Indiana and end in downtown Chicago? Well Monday was one of them days. Chicago wasn’t part of my original plan, but then again, that’s how this thing goes. After the previous night, I thought I had gotten smart and planned my exact route for the day, down to the very campsite just across Iowa where I would stay. I drove through grassfields and cornfields all day, only to realize at a truck stop at 4:30 pm that my intended campsite was full. Grrr!!

I didn’t know what to do, so I kept driving into Illinois, where I took the opportunity to re-join the LH in Aurora, as I had strayed from it a bit for time. I shopped at a Goodwill in Aurora, IL and searched for a cheap airBnB listing nearby. (In case you’re not familiar, airBnB is a website where real people post listings of their room/apt/house/couch where travelers can come stay for the night, otherwise known as couch-surfing.) There I found an available cot in a hostel for artists just 40 minutes away in downtown Chicago. And it was only $25! I jumped on it, and when I got there, I was overjoyed that I did.

The place is called the Pilsen Art House, and it’s inhabited by one full-time tenant plus a series of comers and goers. I shared a room with a guy from Brazil who snored too much. The whole place was decorated with paintings, done mostly (I assume) by the owner, Lorie. The following photos are all from this house:

20150804_08454220150804_100613 20150803_214808 20150803_214815 20150803_214823 20150804_083801 20150804_083812 20150804_083837 20150804_083845 20150804_083855 20150804_083906 20150804_083941 20150804_083948 20150804_084012 20150804_084025 20150804_084042 20150804_084202 20150804_084347 20150804_084405 20150804_084431

Needless to say, this was way better than the camping in Iowa plan. Since I had serendipitously found myself in Chicago, I decided to stay the next day and make the most of it. More on Chicago in the next post.

Love and miss you all,



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