Greetings from West Virginia!

My first day on the road went well. I drove through beautiful mountains almost the whole way from Charlotte up here to Charleston, WV, which is the state capital and a surprisingly large city – much bigger than Charlotte. It looks more like DC or Pittsburgh.

I’d hoped to make it all the way to Canton, OH yesterday, but a long stretch of bumper-to-bumper traffic in Virginia delayed me. Granted, we had the loveliest view of any traffic jam I’d ever been in. I plan to camp or couch-surf as much as possible on this trip, but on nights like last when I get a motel room, I’ll be staying places where I can use My AmEx card to continue accruing reward points that I can use later for hotels or flights.

Today I’ll drive the rest of the way to Canton where I’ll join the Lincoln Highway (Rte 30) and follow it all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s imperative that I get back on schedule so I can start setting up my Glamorous Gypsy pop-up vintage clothing shop to make money along the way. Below are some pics from Virginia. Enjoy!








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