This morning I made it to Ohio, where I started seeing my first Lincoln Highway markers! Yay!


Now the real journey begins. I’ll be following these babies like breadcrumbs all the way to California. Unfortunately, finding these breadcrumbs has proven harder than I thought it would be. In this part of the country, the LH is primarily on Rte 30, but I discovered today that there are MANY places at which the LH veers off of 30 through rural towns, leaving long stretches with no markers to use as a guide. Or sometimes it IS on 30, but temporarily detoured for construction, and there are no alternative directions. So I’d sometimes end up driving around cornfields, trying to figure out: a) where I am, b) how to get back to where I was before the detour, and c) where to go next. Needless to say, it’s not a good use of time. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen some beautiful little places amidst my meandering, including a lovely park in Galion, OH which I walked around this evening.












But I don’t have time to lollygag forever; it’s time to get it together.

At this point, I’ve learned that I need to use each night to plan my next day’s exact route – whatever is the most efficient way to get from one end of the state to the other, whether it stays true to the LH or not (and it usually does). I also need to plan where I’m going to sleep the next night, instead of waiting until nearly sundown to figure out that the closest campsite is an hour away and there are no cheap airBnB rooms available nearby. Rookie mistakes. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel more confident about what I’m doing, now that I’ve got these lessons under my belt. Goodnight!



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